Caring for long haired dogs

Caring for long haired dogs can be easy as long as you do simple regular maintenance so their coat can always be easily and beautifully maintained.

If your best friend is a long-haired dog, you know that they require a bit of extra care. You want to ensure that they look their best at all times and that their hair remains tangle and mat-free. If you have a Lhasa Apso, Maltese, Shih Tzu, or Terrier (just to name a few), you may struggle with keeping your dog’s long hair looking fabulous all of the time. Following are some tips for caring for long haired dogs so their coat can always be easily and beautifully maintained.

Regular Grooming

A regular visit to the groomers is the best way to ensure your dog’s coat remains as clean and tangle free as possible. This is especially important for long haired dogs. A good groomer has special techniques to clean the fur and work out every possible issue with long hair.


In between trips to the groomer, regular bathing is important. Dirt and debris can weigh down your dog’s coat and create tangles. A high-quality dog shampoo free of soap will leave your dog’s coat clean every single time. Follow this up with a good dog conditioner or creme rinse to ensure a silky smooth coat that is free of tangles. When you are going through the process of bathing your dog, make sure to work the shampoo, conditioner, and water in well with your fingers, so the entire coat is cleaned.


Caring for long haired dogs can be easy as long as you do simple regular maintenance. Long haired dogs need to be brushed every single day with a high-quality brush that works well with their particular hair and coat. Taking just a few minutes daily to brush will keep fur mat-free and looking fantastic. If you do find a mat, you can immediately use our emergency mat brush (link), which has been specifically designed to get out even tough mats of hair from your dog’s coat.

We have dedicated the work of our company to ensuring you have the best products to have what you need to maintain your dog’s long hair. Should you need anything or have a question, please let us know.