Luxurious fragrances . . . because your best friend deserves the very best dog perfume


Pamper your pooch with light, elegant fragrances. Our eight exquisite scents are aromatic, yet delicate. Fresh florals for females. Lively notes for males. Gentle essence for puppies. A simple spritz provides a wonderful signature scent that lasts for days – and makes cuddling all that much more wonderful.

Keep Your Favorite Dog Smelling Fresh & Fabulous with Les Poochs Perfumes

Love how your dog smells just after a bath? You can enjoy that luscious scent everyday with Les Poochs perfumes. Our luxurious fragrances will instantly and effortless have your pooch smelling fabulous. Spritz on anytime your best friend needs to freshen up – between grooming sessions, after a rain shower or long walk in the park, when your entertaining. Developed in the south of France by top perfumers and elite pet industry professionals, Les Poochs perfumes are made from the finest ingredients around the world. Each scent is perfectly balanced – fragrant, but not overwhelming.

Your best friend needs style too. Give them a signature scent.

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