Keeping your dog's coat shiny

All pet owners want a dog with a shiny coat.  Your dog’s coat condition and care will largely depend on the type of breed.  Different breeds call for different nutrition and grooming schedules.  Most dogs look their best with a nice shiny coat, and many owners struggle to get the healthiest look possible.   If your dog does not have a shiny coat, there are several steps you can take to ensure you are doing everything you can at home to bring out the best in your dog’s appearance.

Regular brushing and de-shedding

Regular brushing is a fantastic way to aid in keeping your dog’s coat shiny.  Brushing activates a dog skin to start producing oils which in turn make the dog’s coat shiny and healthy.  Some dogs’ coats need a daily brushing, while others’ can skip a day or two.

Appropriate bathing

Some dogs need a bath once a week others can go longer to keep them clean and their skin/coat healthy.  Again, the type of dog and condition of his/her skin can play a factor in determining how frequently to bathe your dog. A high-quality dog shampoo specially formulated for your dog will ensure gentle care.

Grooming for keeping your dog’s coat shiny

A good grooming session will leave your pet looking his/her absolute best.  Groomers spend extra time and often have special products and tools, just like a visit to the hair salon for you!  If you start to notice that you just cannot get your pet looking its best, then a trip to the groomers is probably needed.

What can dull your dog’s coat?

Inadequate nutrition, medical issues, stress, anxiety, and even a lack of exercise can all cause your dog’s coat to be dull.  If you’re still not happy with your dog’s coat after regular brushing, bathing, and grooming, then it might be time to visit the vet’s office for a check-up.  Sometimes a change in diet or medication is all it takes – and your pet will start to feel better as well!

If you think your dog’s coat could look shinier a good first step would be to check with your groomer and veterinarian.