To all our Beloved Les Poochs Customers,

You may have come across some disparaging statements about Les Poochs brand and/or its management team across social media platforms. These statements originate from Mr. Michel Raviol, the creator of Les Poochs. We wanted to take a moment to set the record straight and provide you strong confidence in the Les Poochs brand.

Currently, Les Poochs management and owners are involved in a legal matter with the founder of Les Poochs. It is a complicated matter that is being handled, as it should, by the courts. The matter stems from the fact that the founder of Les Poochs, although a creative mind, had (to his admission) never been a good businessman and as such continually found himself in financial and emotional distress. Many legends of the industry had witnessed the behavior and subsequent collapse of Mr. Raviol and as you can imagine, his behavior led to the financial collapse of his companies.

Some years ago, a turnaround management team comprised of Pet Lovers and Consumer Products experts in marketing, finance and sales were called in to help Mr. Raviol salvage his business and the brand. A wide range of experts and a significant amount of resources and investments were dedicated and in turn, the ownership structure changed. The company has been turned around and is now doing exceptionally well. Many of you witnessed the amazing and well needed relaunch of the famous Les Poochs Brush, which is now made in USA with amazingly high-quality materials and bristles that are second to none. This was done under the leadership of the new management team.

Unfortunately, as Mr. Raviol disclosed on social media, he continues to face personal challenges, which have led him to demand more than what he is entitled to. Our unwillingness to give in to Mr. Raviol’s unrealistic demands to support his lifestyle, or to over-pay him beyond what he is entitled to, has not sat well with him. Unfortunately, Mr. Raviol has chosen to engage in an online smear campaign, and to file a frivolous legal action to wrongfully reclaim the business. The management team owes the company, its shareholders and clients to fight relentlessly against these malicious attacks.

Please know, the ethos of this company has changed. We are no longer a company that revolves around a person, a founder, a “chairman”. This company is now about its Customers and its Community. We are a brand that stands behind the quality of its products to serve its customers. Our customers are Pets and Pet Lovers, and we love, respect, and appreciate all of them.

Finally, we ask you to please refer to our website for press releases, as it remains the only source of reality as we remain dedicated to our mission, customers, and industry.

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