Luxury dog shampoo . . . because every pooch is precious

Imitated, but not replicated . . . Les Poochs brushes are renown in the industry as the best dog grooming tools on the market

Discover the quality of Les Poochs brushes. Their distinctive designs and breakthrough technology make brush time an event you and your pet will look forward to. Used in the finest dog salons throughout the world, our brushes gently glide through the toughest mats with minimal effort leaving a soft, show finish.

Les Poochs Brushes

The best coats start with the best grooming tools

Tried-and- true professional styling tools, Les Poochs’ brushes tackle tangles with ease. The number and curvature of the brush pins were carefully designed to provide outstanding grip on fur, gliding from roots to tip. The flexible center and long pin length allows the brush to contour the dog’s body and reach deep down to the skin, where most mats reside. Just a few strokes remove a substantial amount of dead hair, which stays in the bristles until you eliminate it – no fur flying around as you brush! And the ergonomic handle reduces strain on the arm and wrist. For really tough mats, our mat zapper is a pro and pet owner favorite. It is the go-to first line of defense in an “emergency” coat situation. It’s unique bristle layout demats up to 50X better than our regular brush line.

Brushes for Every Breed

The type of brush your pooch needs is determined by its coat. We have a brush for all coat types – double coats, coarse coats, thick coats, thick curly coats, puppy coats, short-length coats, curly coats, wavy coats, fine coats, fleece coats, soft coats. Each brush is available in two sizes – regular for dogs 2 lbs. to 40 lbs., and wide for dogs 40 lbs. and up. We also offer soft and firm finishing brushes that gently remove dead undercoat hair and produce a spectacular finishing shimmer.

Your best friend needs style too. Create it with the best dog grooming tools you can find.