Selecting a dog brush

What should I look for when selecting a dog brush?

Whether you are a dog groomer or a dog owner, you share a common goal: you want to be sure you’re selecting a dog brush that makes a dog look spectacular and takes the absolute best care of their coat and fur. Following is information that we hope can guide you when selecting a dog brush.

For dog owners:

To keep your best friend looking their best, daily brushing is recommended. You want to ensure that the hair remains tangle free, shiny and as healthy as possible. If you have a breed of dog that sheds often, daily brushing will help keep the hair outside and off your carpet and floors. Make sure when selecting a dog brush, you choose one that is good for de-matting to have on hand in case you need to take care of an emergency mat situation, but also one that can handle the coat on a regular basis for maintenance brushing, to prevent as many problems as possible.

For dog groomers:

When you take care of a client’s dog, we know you want the owner to be completely satisfied with the outcome. We know your goal each time is returning a dog to its owner with a nice shiny coat that is well-brushed and completely tangle free. A good dog brush can help you do that.

For dog owners and groomers alike, brushing is a big part of pet care

Since it’s done frequently and can be hard work if not done right, it’s good to have a brush that has an ergonomic quality to make the work of brushing easier on you (and on the dog’s coat!). With this in mind, it’s good to go about selecting a dog brush that fits nicely in your hands. The curve of the brush is particularly important, as it should fit your hand and feel comfortable while you are using it.

Here at Les Poochs, we have designed our dog brushes to handle all of your needs. We use tested designs, and offer a variety of options, to ensure they provide exemplary service for you, your pet, or in the case of groomers—your business. Regardless of breed of dog and the particular coat they have, you can be sure when selecting a dog brush, that our brushes do the trick to keeping dogs’ coats as healthy as possible.