Summer dog safety

Dog safety is a significant concern to pet owners at this time of year. Here at Les Poochs, we desire only the “Best Care for Your Best Friend.”  This is why we produce our shampoos and dog perfumes with the highest quality ingredients so you know you are bathing your pet with the best possible product.

As a pet owner, you know the importance of providing the highest quality care for your pet, and the summertime is one season where you should be extra cautious.  If you are accustomed to exercising outdoors with your pet and/or having your dog in the car while you run errands, there are certain precautions to take as the weather heats up.

Never leave your dog in the car during summer

Internal car temperatures can quickly reach dangerous temperatures even in the shade with the windows open.  Temperatures inside your house can also be a problem for dog safety, so if you leave your dog home alone, always leave the air conditioning on.

Make sure your dog has plenty of cool fresh water

This tip includes when you are home and also when you go out.  Even if your dog is in air conditioning, they are going to require more water during the hot summer months.

Take walks (and especially runs) during early morning and late evening hours

If you take your dog out in the heat of the day, your pet could quickly overheat.  Morning and evenings provide a break from the sun, and cooler temperatures in the air, not to mention, the cooler temperature of the ground (which is better for sensitive paws).

Frequent the dog groomer a bit more often

For some dogs, their coat can be as hot as walking around with a fur coat, which can be a problem as summer heats up.  A groomer can make sure that fur is kept manageable so your pet looks perfect, but is also comfortable.

Ensure your pet is safe in the water

From your backyard pool to the ocean and lakes, your dog may love to swim.  Just be careful that your pet knows his/her limits and is under your supervision at all times.   Like your children, your dog may be an excellent swimmer, but should never be left alone in water.  Of course, take care of your dog’s fur and skin with a bath to remove chlorine, salt, and lake water .

A good rule of thumb for summer dog safety is that if it seems hot and uncomfortable outside to you, your dog most certainly is not going to enjoy the heat.  And at this time of year, it is a good idea to establish habits that protect your dog.  Our pets add so much to our lives, and during summer months, it can be so much fun to run around with them outside.  For the best dog safety in summer, just be careful when you are having fun!