How to Untangle Your Dog’s Hair

Have you ever been petting your dog and felt a bump in the hair?  It is not coming from or involving their skin – it just feels like a big clump of hair.  In dogs, this type of tangle is called a mat and can be problematic if not taken care of. Following are some tips on how to keep your dog’s fur mat-free.

How do you remove tangled hair from your dog?

The bigger the mat, the harder they are to deal with, and can actually cause significant problems for your dog, especially pain.   With great care and a calm dog, you may be able to take care of a smaller mat yourself. However, be very careful with bigger mats—they are usually best handled by a groomer.  Large tangles in your dog’s fur can result in injuries due to harsh and repeated brushstrokes, and even abrasions to the skin.

Can Groomers Remove Mats?

If the mat is big enough to cause you any concern, it is best to immediately call your groomer.  Groomers are skilled at keeping dogs calm during washing, and know just how to deal with mats to untangle dogs’ hair with the least amount of irritation or discomfort to your dog.  If a mat does have to be removed, your groomer will be able to do this with the least amount of shaving and may even possibly be able to blend in a shaved area until the hair grows back.

How can you prevent tangles in your dog’s hair?

The best mat prevention is regular brushing with a high quality set of dog brushes (link to dog brushes).  Depending on the breed of your dog, you can use a brush for the top coat and also a brush that specializes caring for the undercoat.  You can even lift hair into sections to ensure you take care of hard-to-reach spots.  Also, we highly recommend regular visits to the groomer to deal with tangles and mats.  Good groomers are able to spot a mat even before it starts.

We know your pooch is your best friend and you place great importance on taking care of him or her.  Once you get into a regular brushing routine and find a groomer you trust, your dog will be free of tangles and mats, and ready to spend time providing unconditional love for you!