Many pet owners believe that giving your a dog a bath is a messy production.  The truth is that in between visits to the groomer you can make sure your dog remains clean and smells fresh with a simple bath.  But, when you want to provide the best care for your best friend, giving your dog a bath may be a bit stressful, especially the first time around.

How often should you give your dog a bath?  Most experts agree that every 4-8 weeks every dog should get a bath. This depends on breed, activity level, and how the dog smells.  Some dogs need a bath more often than others if they spend time outside or have a particular odor that is not to an owner’s liking.  If your house smells like dog, or if your dog starts to smell, it is probably time to give your dog a bath!

If you are going to bathe your dog often, then you should use a dog shampoo that is formulated to be gentle and conditioning to the skin. Frequent bathing can lead to dryness, and a specially formulated pet shampoo will ensure the skin is not irritated and does not dry out.

Should I hand wash my dog?  Hand washing your pet is recommended for close bonding with your furry friend.  When you use your hands it also allows you to do a general check of their skin and fur.  For instance, while using your hands, you can feel for dry patches of skin, or bumps that may need further attention.

How do I wash my dog?  How you wash your dog will be largely determined by the size of your pet.  Some dogs can take a bath in the kitchen sink or a small basin, while others require a bathtub or shower.  Give your dog a good brushing (link) before starting the bath.  Make sure you thoroughly rinse your dog and then work the shampoo into the fur in some pattern.  Your dog may be anxious, so be reassuringly firm.  Give your dog a good rinse so there is no shampoo residue left behind. Then follow this by another good brushing.

Here at Les Poochs, our motto is “The Best Care for Your Best Friend.”  We want you to feel safe and assured that you are taking care of your four-legged pal in the best way possible.

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